Edwardian Supersize Me

Restaurant critic Giles Coren and writer and performer Sue Perkins spend the week on the diet of a wealthy Edwardian couple. Cooking for them at home is best selling cookery writer Sophie Grigson.

Enormous amounts of offal, game, red meats and eggs are consumed from breakfast to late night snacks. It isn’t helped by having to wear the constricting outfits of the time. Sue laced up in a corset and Giles in collar and studs.

Over the week they have a nine course dinner party with guests including Roy Hattersley, an authentic 1905 society banquet attended by Anton Mosimann at The Savoy.

Overwhelmed by the amounts they have to eat — over 5,000 calories a day — Sue and Giles knock back the alcohol, play practical jokes and find themselves constipated for most of the week.

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This one is my favourite, How can you not love raw meat tea!