LEAKED: The Internet Must Go

Gena Konstantinakos: The mockumentary is a short film that tells the story of John Wooley who is a market researcher who has been dispatched to help the big Internet service providers sell their vision of a faster, cleaner Internet. He embarks on this journey earnestly, though misguidedly, believing that he’s doing something great, and he’s finally doing an important job. Over the course of his journey he meets with some really brilliant people, and one by one they help him to understand why his mission is really pretty misguided.
Then he ventures to North Carolina where interacts with people who live in communities that are stifled by a lack of broadband altogether and who have attempted to build community broadband. But as you know, North Carolina now has barriers to building community broadband. So he interacts with those people, and that’s ultimately where he has a change of heart. It’s 29 minutes and 59 seconds, which is what I hope is a very clickable length, and we’re releasing it for free on the Internet on Monday to coincide with the oral arguments in Verizon v. F.C.C.