Shearing Sheep (Heart’s Content)

Newfoundland Folkways #02
Tolson Rendell is a traditional farmer in Heart’s Content, Newfoundland who has been rearing sheep since 1968. For shearing he uses simple tools and methods that he learned as a young boy by watching a community elder by the name of Mrs. Eva George. It usually takes him two hours to fully shear a sheep, and he uses scissors rather than electric shears because he believes them to be safer for the animal. Scissors, rope, dedication, and respect for the animal is all you need, but still, it isn’t an easy job. This video is about both the waning traditional skill of shearing, and the important relationship Tolson develops with his animals.
Special thanks to the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador for their contribution to this video project.
Material gathered by Lisa Wilson and assembled by Justin Oakey
Music borrowed from Bukkene Bruse /