The Real Inglorious Bastards

This is the incredible true story behind Quentin Tarantinos film Inglorious Basterds a group of Jewish-American refugees of Nazi Germany who boldly went behind enemy lines for vengeance. As a teenager Hans Wijnberg is sent to America from Holland to escape Nazi aggression and Fred Mayer and his family flee Germany at the onset of war. Both enlist in the U.S. army and are recruited by the OSS.

But for their daring mission Operation Greenup investigating the Nazi stronghold of Tyrol in the Austrian alps they need an inside man – POW and Tyrol native Franz Weber a former officer and conscientious deserter from the Austrian Wehrmacht. Through vivid first-person accounts from the extraordinary OSS veterans gripping dramatic reconstructions CGI and archive the intrepid trios hair-raising Operation Greenup is brought to life revealing one of the most successful and daring covert operations of World War Two.