Don´t Look Down

This Documentary follows parkour/free running athlete James Kingston on his trip from Southampton England to Kiew Ukrain where he meets up with Mustang Wanted .This documentary isn´t focusing on James´s rooftop runs it is about his passion for climbing,Dont Look Down is over all a really good film but there are some things i would have liked more instead , i would have loved to see and hear more of James background from when he started with Parkour and also i´d liked it if it was acually more like a documentary , i just thought it felt more like some epic journey to Ukrain than James Story,but i still loved it´s every bits and as a huge fan of James how could i not have loved it when Mustang Wanted dangled from James´s hand over the edge of the Moscow Bridge! hope you all find this as intresting as i and enjoy the movie!!! 🙂