Freedom Downtime – documentary about Kevin Mitnick

Freedom Downtime is documentary produced by famous “2600” hackers group and it is story of life of hacker Kevin Mitnick. If you have ever watched movie TakeDown which is story of Kevin Mitnick from the eyes of accusers then you need to watch this movie too. At least to get objective view of Kevins life.

Original subtitles are available here in English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil) and French.
Around the world, computer hackers are being portrayed as the newest brand of terrorists. This is a story of a hacker named Kevin Mitnick, imprisoned without bail for nearly five years. Freedom Downtime tries to uncover the reasons why the authorities are so scared of Mitnick as well as define what exactly he did. Surprisingly, no real evidence is ever presented by the authorities to back up the sensationalist claims in mass media. But when a Hollywood studio decides to make a movie about Mitnick’s life through the eyes of one of his accusers, hackers turn to activism to get their message out. Through interviews with relatives, friends, lawyers, and experts in the computer and civil liberties arena, a picture of a great injustice becomes apparent. A cross-country journey uncovers some realities of the hacker culture as well as the sobering fact that so many technically young adept people are being imprisoned.

This is the 2004 release, containing more footage than the original cut in 2001.

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