Gate Of Heavenly Peace”-Tiananmen Square Protest

Gate Of Heavenly Peace A comprehensive and controversial American documentary that was translated into Chinese, flying all over torrent and emule in China. subbed into English (…), but here in its original form… almost. The video section is the Chinese version… Interestingly the original English version aired on PBS’s frontline is almost impossible is find here in the US. Perhaps because it deviated so much from the official line…

Chongqing – China’s Secret Metropolis

This film is an introduction to the world’s fastest growing city, a place that welcomes 1300 new citizens every day and whose economy grew by 16% last year. China is undergoing the fastest and most extensive industrial revolution in history, and Chongqing is its epicenter.

This first ever English language feature length documentary about Chongqing was filmed on location between February and June 2013.